The Lao Phuan people of Laos have heard nothing of the gospel until recently. Most have still not heard, but some are encountering the story of Jesus.

A Lao Phuan barber asked, “I saw a picture with a cross and there was a man suspended on it! And there were nails right through his palms! What was that about? Who was that on the cross?”

A Lao Phuan student observed, “Making merit does not deal with our sin. It makes us feel better about ourselves, but our sin is still there.”

Another Lao Phuan, upon reading about the life and death of a Lao Christian woman, responded, “One of the blessings she received was that she was able to go and live with her God whom she loved more than anyone. She is no longer ill and she is living in heaven forever. God has power over everything.”

A Lao Phuan man joyfully stated that, “I used to trust in the idols I made with my own hands, but now I trust in the One whose hands made me.”

Do questions and statements like these indicate that God is at work among the Lao Phuan? Surely He is!

Will you pray for Mekong Minorities?

Please pray for the Lao Phuan:

  • That the gospel will penetrate over 100 ethnic and language groups.
  • That more people will read the Bible for themselves.
  • That the over 85,000 believers in the country will continue to be effective heralds of the Best 
News ever!


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