Lamu picks up the phone again and hits the number saved to speed dial. “Hi, JieJie [sister in Christ], can you pray for me?” Julie asks her how she’s doing and then thoughtfully prays for Lamu over the phone.

Lamu lives a three-day bus ride from the nearest big city. She’s in a very remote Kham area with no other believers around her. She heard about Jesus and came to faith when attending a Christian boarding school as a 10-year-old. She grew in her faith and still maintained a love for prayer and worship until she started university. Then, she fell away. The pressure of being different from the people and culture around her eventually overwhelmed her strength to resist conformity. She was a lone sheep among many wolves and began to waver in her faith in Christ Jesus.

Seven years later, she now works in a government position in the remote Kham Tibetan area she grew up in. She still calls Julie regularly to share how she is doing and occasionally asks for prayer. She has even told Julie—a disciple of Jesus—how she wishes she could have a life like hers and a family like hers. Julie and her husband make regular trips to her area to build relationships and tell others about salvation through Christ Jesus.

Lamu’s boss asked her once whether he should be concerned about these Christians coming and spreading their religion. She replied, “You don’t have to worry about them. They only want to help people and do good.” Because of her government position and her history with the Lord Jesus, there is now an open door in an area that is typically very sensitive to foreign influence. Lamu is climbing up the government ladder and will soon carry even more influence and authority in her region of the Tibetan plateau.

Will you pray for Tibetan Buddhist Peoples?

Please pray:

  • That God will give Lamu boldness to openly live out her faith again.
  • For all Skylands believers who live in isolation—that they would be strengthened in their faith and be light in their communities.
  • For others within the church to go and help shepherd isolated believers.


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