Chen and Yudren got acquainted after moving to a city in Sichuan Province, China. Though ethnic Chinese, Chen grew up in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, and was Buddhist. Yudren, a Tibetan woman, was from a rural Kham Tibetan area of Sichuan. They both had great English language ability, and made friends with foreigners in the city. Through these connections, they each separately heard the gospel, though neither accepted it for several years.

Then, after the devastating 2008 Sichuan earthquake, a mutual Chinese friend came to faith in Christ Jesus. His reason: When everyone else was living in fear, only the Christians lovingly reached out to help those in need in the aftermath of the quake. Yet Chen and Yudren still resisted.

Later, unbeknownst to Chen and Yudren, Christian friends set aside a month to pray and fast for their salvation. At that time, Chen was in emotional turmoil. He’d been evaluating his Buddhist faith and had finally decided he was no longer Buddhist. Nearly every night that month Chen would wake up with only one thing on his mind: Jesus. Finally on the night of the 29th that month, lying wide-awake, he relented: “Okay, Jesus. If this is you, I believe, I surrender my life.” In the morning Chen called a close friend and said, “I think I’m a Christian, now.”

Yudren still has not come to faith in Christ. In many ways, she’s gone even deeper into her native religion, Tibetan Buddhism. Today, Yudren and Chen work side by side in the same company, one following the Lord, and one still driven by her cultural identity.

Will you pray for Tibetan Buddhist Peoples?

Pray for:

  • Yudren and those like her to come to faith in Christ Jesus.
  • Many Tibetans who go to find work or to study in cities to be more open to the gospel while away from the influence of their homeland.
  • Church communities in the cities to have the vision and desire to reach out to Tibetan migrants.


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