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29 September 2017

softening ground

It was over 10 years ago when OMF first came to the village of Sray Jah in the district of Snuol. The village was remote and lacked teachers, and OMF helped the school get started by working with the government to provide one of its first primary school teachers. OMF missionaries have been visiting Sray Jah ever since, even when the journey was not easy. One rainy season when making his monthly school visit, an OMFer crossed an old wooden plank bridge that he could not actually see because the waters were up to his neck! Rural Cambodia is now seeing some infrastructure development and the government recently built a decent dirt road and replaced that old plank bridge with a proper cement one.

Nathan Martin clearly remembers the first time he came to this village five years ago; it seemed so hard and distant from the gospel’s influence. The team leader at the time, Daniel Zwygart, started visiting the village more regularly and the team began to focus their prayers. He had many good gospel conversations over time, and then last spring, a group of men decided to meet with Daniel over a period of seven weeks to hear the gospel presented more fully. The Zwygarts left for home assignment shortly after, but Nathan now has the joy to continue meeting with these men.

They have nearly finished reading the Gospel of Mark together, and each week men come curious to learn more. Nathan is amazed at what God is doing and blessed by the questions and observations as they read about the life of Jesus! Is this the same village he thought was so hard those five years ago? He looks back with gratitude and sees the privilege it is to build upon the work of previous laborers here; over 10 years of personal visitation and the many who have been at work in prayer.

The team have longed for and prayed for an opportunity such as this in Snuol, and these Bible studies in Sray
Jah are often the highlight of Nathan’s week.