I was devastated when Joy told us she was leaving the megacity we work in. We’d worked with her for just one year, and she was very clearly God’s provision to us. She was a Christian, and I was excited by her enthusiasm to own our vision to reach people through our missional business. We spent a lot of time together, discussing life, marriage, parenting, and just working together. However my efforts to disciple her by formal bible study were always thwarted by the reality that our work was busy and challenging. When she told us she was leaving, my heart sank — all that time wasted NOT studying the Bible! Yet on my final meal with her, she told me that working with us had grown her faith and given her a bigger understanding of God, that through us she’d seen how the gospel impacts everyday life.

One year later, we received this message:

“Honestly, I don’t love my new job here. But I really feel God put me here to preach the gospel. I prayed that my colleagues might want to know about God – and they have been amazed by what I’ve told them about Him!”

I took great heart in knowing that God’s ways are higher, way higher, than my own.

Pray with us for Joy as she witnesses to her colleagues.

#oneinabillion #thetaskunfinished #hopeforbillions

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