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15 September 2017

One in a Billion – Mother

From the moment Mary sensed she was pregnant with her third child she knew she had received a gift.

But the niggling question of how it would affect their life, beyond the initial issues of if they would be fined – whether they could get him or her registered as a resident in the city they lived in, whether her husband would be able to keep his job in civil service, whether the child would be able to go to a local school, or be entitled to any government benefits – these were things she knew she’d eventually have to face.

Her doctor, her colleagues, even her parents were telling her to give up the child. That she would be helping her two elder kids to have every opportunity. Life in the big city was expensive, three children were going to be more of a financial challenge to raise as it was, let alone if they were not going to be able to keep their source of family income.

But this child was a gift. A life God made. In His image. And maybe these people – her doctor, her colleagues, her parents – didn’t know it.

But that’s because they didn’t know this God themselves.

She would keep this child, so that they would know God. Because that is what her country would need.

She is #oneinabillion.

#thetaskunfinished #theurbanbillion

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