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Kim remembers the first time she met Ping.

She looked so out of place, standing outside the brothel, so young, so innocent.  It reminded her why she did this in the first place.  Ping was just a young girl who needed a mother, needed a friend.  As they chatted briefly and exchanged phone numbers, Kim prayed silently for her.

A week later, when Kim went to visit, Ping was not there.

“She ran off with an old man to be his second wife!” laughed the other girls.

Kim called her and found her in a nearby area looking for a new job.  They met at a street corner for a meal of hot noodles.  Ping new that being a prostitute was not something she really wanted.  When Kim told her about the craft business that she ran, Ping showed up the very next day.  Ping was able to find an alternate source of income, while also having the opportunity to hear about the healing love of Christ.  She came to accept Christ, through the love shown in word and deeds by Kim and her staff.

But it has not been without struggle.  Ping has run away from the business several times, but always returns, knowing that Kim and the staff love her unconditionally.  The security and love that Ping desires cannot be found at home, with her father arranging her marriage to a man she did not know, which she refused.  The way she has faced hardship in her life even impressed her father who began to regularly attend church.

Kim’s prayer is that Ping, and other women like her, will know the unchanging, never-ending love of their Heavenly Father, and that this freedom and restoration in Christ will impact them, their children and families.  As Kim seeks to live out the gospel to these women, she prays that many more will join her in bringing people from darkness to light.

She is #oneinabillion.

Excerpt modified from : China’s Cities: A Prayer Guide for Urban China.

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