Pei-lun and her family were brought to our ministry centre, Christ Centre through English Corner conversation classes. OMF workers Wayne and Angela had visited her family and tried to keep in contact with her husband, Mr. Wu. But because Mr. Wu is a policeman who is seldom at home, it’s difficult to meet him. God has his own way, however.

Some time ago Angela brought a fake cell phone (that’s another story, though!). When we reported it to the police, we met Mr Wu. A few weeks later, Wayne’s motorbike was stolen. He went to the police station to report it. Mr Wu was on duty again and found the bike in a day. God keeps making our paths cross!

After the stolen motorbike incident, we visited the Wu’s family once again. As an atheist, Mr Wu stressed that he would never believe in any religion but said he would not oppose his family believing.

Mr Wu’s wife is a very devoted Yiguandao believer while his daughter, Serena is becoming interested in Christianity. In 2015 she went to our winter mission camp and afterwards continued growing spiritually by listening to the weekly Bible stories in English Corner. At the end of her junior high year (June 2016), she took her own Bible to ask Wayne some questions about it during a youth group activity. Serena currently studies in Changhua City. We still keep in contact with her and encourage her by text. She is still faithfully reading her Bible daily.….to be continued. Please pray with us.

Will you pray for Taiwan?

  • Praise God that he has ways for gospel workers to meet busy working Taiwanese people.
  • Pray for those like Serena who are becoming interested in Christianity. Pray they would come to know the Lord.
  • Pray for Mr Wu and for Wayne to have further opportunities to meet him and share the gospel.

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