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As Taiwanese women start receiving a better education than in the past, many are choosing their career over marriage. Taiwanese men are finding it harder and harder to find Taiwanese wives and are increasingly starting to marry overseas brides.

Currently in Taiwan there are over 80,000 Vietnamese brides.

Mr. Gao (pronounced “gow”) owns a small ground floor factory. Like an increasing number of Taiwanese working-class men, he found it difficult to get married. Five years ago Mr. Gao married a Vietnamese. She is more educated than most of the brides who come over to Taiwan, but is still finding it hard to settle into a new culture and learn a new language.

Although Mrs. Gao is a Buddhist, she is becoming close friends with a local Taiwanese Christian. Mr. and Mrs. Gao have been very impressed by the love and care they’ve been shown by these Christians, as they have helped Mrs. Gao settle in. Most of the overseas brides cannot communicate well in Mandarin or Taiwanese and they value assistance in language and cultural learning.

A church near the Gao’s home in Taichung County is reaching out to these overseas women and through them to their families. This ministry is also beginning to soften the hearts of their working-class husbands.

Will you pray for Taiwan?

  • Praise God that he is sending many people from restricted- access nations (Vietnam, Indonesia and China) to hear the gospel in Taiwan.
  • Praise God for the love and concern of churches for these women who are under such stress adjusting to Taiwanese culture.
  • Pray for working- class men and their overseas brides to come to Christ as a result of the love of Christians.
  • Pray for Christian literature to be more available to these overseas brides in their own languages.

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