China urban short-term mission

The following was written by an OMF medical worker serving in China.

Fred led a short-term medical mission team from Hong Kong to South West China to conduct training in 2011. The participatory teaching was well received and soon the hospital requested a follow-up course. Fred wanted to help again but his heavy work and family obligations didn’t allow him to return.

We’re deeply moved and grateful that such a busy consultant has been remembering us in prayer every morning for more than five years until now! We only saw him once and despite his workload he keeps responding to our newsletters.

Then God gave us a big surprise when he sent a huge amount of financial support, helping our family with living costs and educational needs in a year when support had gone down. God is so faithful! Since then he’s repeated his generosity a couple of times.

Only one short encounter during a three-day short-term training has yielded such long-term faithfulness!


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