Muslim man in South East Asia

Muhammed’s house is full this evening for the lesson. Though his health is frail, he is the village imam (local Islamic leader) and locals seek his advice on many things, from business decisions to raising children. His answers are unquestionably the most reliable because hey are based on his knowledge of Islam. After he teaches from the Qur’an, several ask advice about family or neighbour issues. One family invites him to a special meal to offer prayers for their deceased grandmother. Prayers offered from the Qur’an comfort them. He is offered the honoured seat at meals.

As a child, Muhammed’s interest in religion was strong, and he could quickly memorise portions of the Qur’an. In school, he chose the Islamic track and was first in his graduating class from the state Islamic university. For this, he receives unequalled respect and honour in his neighbourhood.

Muhammed keeps a busy schedule. He teaches Arabic daily at the high school and leads community gatherings many nights a week. It is his duty to preach and lead prayers at the mosque. Muhammed attends all village funerals, circumcisions, infant dedications, weddings and Islamic holidays. New parents frequently request he choose names for their children. His presence and piety demonstrates his care for their village.

Will you pray for Muslims?

  • Pray that Imams and their followers will learn more about the love of Jesus.

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