Man smokes on dump outside home

Ahmad’s quarry of coconuts crashes to the ground. He descends the tree slowly, his calluses a testimony of the years harvesting coconuts. This work only pays for the bare necessities for his family. In hard times, the local mosque provides money and food to help Ahmad.

Ahmad’s one room hut stands next to a beautiful stucco mansion. It is not uncommon for a poor family to live next to a wealthy one. It takes money and connections to be prosperous. Education might be an advantage, but Ahmad dropped out of school when he was 11 to help his family. He was needed more at home.

Like Ahmad, many men in his community lack money and connections to further their education and get out of poverty. Unemployment is a serious problem. Many struggle with apathy. Others are complacent because they live in a place where Islam urges those with money to share with poor neighbours.

Ahmad believes he can maintain his dignity in the village by being a good Muslim. He commits himself to the way of Islam and believes if he is pious and thankful for what he has, Allah will bless his family.

Will you pray for Muslims?

  • Pray that community projects would be established to help give employment and security to those who need it.
  • Pray that God would give courage to men like Ahmad to help lift their families out of poverty.

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