Woman welcomes guest into her home

Delighted that her foreign friend Diane will stay for dinner, Novi ushers her back to join the family on the floor. In Islam, one earns Allah’s favour by honouring guests. Novi sincerely enjoys sharing her hospitality. Novi serves a spicy dish of curried vegetables accompanied by rice, fish and eggs. Today, with little fanfare, the relationship moves deeper than the usual formal cups of tea in the front room. The grandmother smiles and Novi’s children warm up to Diane as they settle down on the floor nearby.

“Won’t you sleep here tonight?” Novi offers. Being naturally social at heart, Novi, as is typical of her people group, takes great pleasure in being around people in a relaxed atmosphere. Now the family feels comfortable enough to talk about personal matters with Diane. The women huddle close to Diane to talk about family, friendships, fears and dreams. Arising the next morning, Diane has become a part of the family. “Come again”, they say. The family eagerly awaits another visit.

Will you pray for Muslims?

  • Pray that Muslim people in South East Asia would continue to welcome guests into their homes giving the opportunity to build relationships and engage with their communities.

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