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Asa, a Lisu Christian, was discipled and trained at James O Fraser Centre, a bible school in Thailand where he got to know OMF workers Linda & Jim. Since graduating his heart for mission has led him to serve among his own people group in Myanmar. He has kept in touch with Linda & Jim who wrote this update after a trip to visit him.

“Visiting Asa was a highlight! It was a joy to see Asa faithfully continuing to do what he had been discipled, trained and taught to do at James O Fraser Centre. He has a long-term vision to reach the people of Myanmar with the gospel. When he returned to his home village the leaders asked him to give 2 years to the Lisu church. So, Asa is building partnership with them and hopes they will catch his vision for the lost, pray and send him out among the Burmese peoples. Asa is discipling a young group of men, teaching in the church and helping his family on the farm. He is also taking opportunities to share the gospel with the farmworkers who come from Indian/Nepali background.

Asa’s mother said the things she has most seen change in Asa, is his personal time with the Lord every morning, reading His Word. Asa’s sister said he has changed from a hot-tempered person into a kind and patient man. Asa wept seeing us off at the airport, but is faithful to His Lord and the work He has for him in Myanmar.”

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Please pray for Asa’s spiritual growth as he serves in the local church.
  • Thank God for the opportunities which Asa has to share about Jesus. Pray that many more would come to know Him, not only Lisu peoples, but others too.
  • Pray for other Lisu Christians who return to their homes after times of discipleship and study in Thailand. Pray that they would continue to grow in their faith and walk with the Lord.


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