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21 April 2017

Gingko Nuts


Gingko Nuts


Have you ever heard or seen a gingko nut?

It’s white, smooth and hard on the outside, but inside, it is yellow and full of life!

Two years before we decided on what people group to serve, a group of friends prayed over us. One lady shared that she saw a picture of a gingko nut.

Little did we know, but when it came time for us in seeking God’s guidance on which people group to serve, God used the picture of the gingko nut to direct us because it’s name in Mandarin Chinese is similar to the name of the people group we serve.

In 1880s, people like JO Fraser and the Khuns all passed by this land, yet after 135 years we only have around 2% believers. John Khun, whom did a survey among the different people groups in our region stated only by learning their native language will they ever be reached with the Gospel. That is our goal and that is what we are doing.

Our people group’s villages have communal celebrations each year for the hero their village is dedicated to, remembering their birth or death dates. Villagers are often called to give donations to renovate their local temples. Believers can no longer participate in these communal celebrations that everyone else joins in and as a result often face social isolation. Many, including believers we know, have chosen to give up their faith in facing this isolation.

We look forward in seeing God’s Kingdom established among these people.

Will you join us by praying, sending or coming?


  • Pray for God’s Spirit to pour down upon the land.
  • Pray that there will be a meeting place for God’s people within walking distance of every one of our people group’s villages.
  • Pray for more workers to learn the local language and to reach these precious people with the Gospel.