Myanmar woman prepares meal

“I read through Galatians recently and this has encouraged me a lot. I am poor, I do not have a husband, I am not very skilled, I do a simple job. I am not like the foreigners who come to our office daily. They are educated, have money. I am just a cleaner. But as I read Galatians, I came to realise that in God’s eyes, this is not important. Before Him, we are all the same. I am very valuable to Him.”

It is true, in the eyes of Myanmar society middle aged women like her are not respected. They might be seen as poor, unlucky for losing their husband at a young age or having suffered from cancer. What must the Karma of such people be like? What must they have done in the past?

However, I have come to know this woman as somebody who makes a real difference. She is appreciated by everybody, because of her servant heart. She prays for those she serves and always has a kind and encouraging word. Even though at times she is struggling to make ends meet, she often hosts guests at her place who need help. This woman might be materially poor, but she has realised who she is in Christ. Her life is not easy and yet she has many testimones to God‘s faithfulness in sustaining and caring for her.

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Please pray for the poor in Myanmar, that they would know how precious they are and loved in God’s eyes.
  • Pray for those who reach out to the poor, help them to convey this message.


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