Fisherman in Myanmar

Recently ranked third in the world for an increasing occurrence of natural disasters, Myanmar is listed as one of the countries most at risk from the effects of climate change in the next few decades. In recent years, widespread flooding has almost become an annual event. 

Despite improving government efforts, the economic and social impacts often last for years afterwards. Many volunteer organisations, including church groups, provide a significant amount of aid to flood victims, and this can provide ways to engage communities with the love of Christ.

In the early years of the gospel in Myanmar, the response of God’s people to a severe famine in the Delta region was a key factor in the major turning to Christ of thousands of Karen. In these days, the selfless giving of aid and support to victims of natural disasters, regardless of their religion or ethnicity, can be a major way to break down the barriers between Christians and non-Christians.

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Pray for those working at policy level to address the causes of disasters, and to keep working on improving disaster response policies.
  • Pray for church groups responding to floods and other disasters to be both bold and sensitive, loving and practical.
  • Pray that those receiving aid would be able to know Christ and His mercy towards them through these interactions.


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