Women share food in Myanmar

One afternoon, there was a knock at the door of my apartment building. One of the guards from downstairs was outside, a blue and a green plastic bag and a sheet of paper in his hands. A little puzzled, I wondered what on earth this was all about. Despite my limited language, he managed to explain, that we now were required to separate our rubbish into two categories, hence the two plastic bags and the sheet of paper with further instructions.

This was a few weeks ago and since then I have tried to stick faithfully to the new rules. However, as I peek into the rubbish bin on our floor now and then when taking my green and blue plastic bags there, I can tell that not all my neighbours have adjusted to this new way of dealing with their rubbish yet. Change takes time.

The green and blue plastic bags are only one small sign of change among many in this rapidly modernising and developing city. While there are some who can see improvements of certain areas of their daily lives, there also are others who find it even more difficult to cope and make a living.

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Please pray that the many changes – whether on a small or on a big scale – will ultimately be for the benefit of all of the people here.
  • Pray that in this process of change, it wouldn’t only be the circumstances and living standards that would be improved but that all of this also would be instrumental to many more people getting “a new heart and a new spirit”.


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