Children attend Sunday school in Myanmar slum

Twice a month on Saturday morning Christian workers take the ferry to tell Bible stories to children in a very poor and marginalised community on the other side of the Yangon River. As soon as they see the children’s workers approaching, the children come running out of their small bamboo houses. A 12-year old Christian girl helps lead the singing in Burmese with the local Sunday school teacher.

About 50 children cram into the small bamboo house for the singing, games, story and crafts. Week by week they hear stories about the Living God who created them and loves them. Thanks to some generous donations the team was able to purchase 40 bowls, spoons and a large cooking pot. The hosts cook a sweet “rice porridge” on their simple coal fire once a month. The kids empty the large pot of porridge very quickly! After the programme is finished and before leaving the community, the team visits some nearby homes where these kids live and pray for the sick and needy.

Will you pray for Myanmar?

  • Please pray for the host family, all of whom are HIV positive. Despite their suffering, they are truly ministry partners and a “household of peace”.
  • Pray too for the Burmese booklets and children’s Bibles the kids have been given and taken back into their Buddhist homes.


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