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27 March 2017

All things are possible with God

One Saturday in 2011 Sam felt uneasy and his heart was heavy. Despite his hesitation, God convicted him. He went to Kuya Je and expressed that he wanted to follow Jesus Christ and commit his life to Him. How is this possible?

A few weeks later, Sam approached me. He looked at me with teary eyes and said, “Loida I am thankful for the new life and new hope that Jesus gave me. I am now His true follower”. Hearing that, made me worship and praise God! I was overjoyed, yet in my heart I was asking, is this really possible?

As Sam and I talked, he reminded me of the time when we first met. He suddenly stopped and his expression became serious. He apologised with a confession. A way back in 2008, when the team was doing a community survey, the community leaders in his area suspected that I was an infiltrator. He was commanded to monitor my activities. If a military operation would happen within three days, then their suspicion would be confirmed and Sam would have to kill me! I was dumbfounded when I heard his confession. Then Sam continued, “I thank God, for it was unusual during that time that no military operation took place. If there had been one, then I would not have any choice but to do my duty and kill you. Your team would have been forced to leave our community, and I would not have had this opportunity to know and accept Jesus in my life.” I was speechless after hearing what he shared.

Sam has a militant background. He is the last person that I would expect to receive Christ.

Will you pray for the Philippines?

  • Pray that God would guide OMF workers and help them to build trusting relationships in rural and tribal communities.
  • Pray for the holy spirit to be working so that each community member may know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.
  • Ask for God’s protection over those working to share the gospel in the Philippines.


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