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27 March 2017

Confidently Faithful

Foreigners were running preschools, medical clinics, marriage courses, youth groups, livelihood projects, cooking classes, computer training, counselling and physiotheraphy clinics.

Through one of these programmes, Queenie gave her life to Christ and God doused her fiery temper and made her dependent upon Him for all her needs. She freely began to tell her friends about Jesus, often bringing them to the ministry centre in town where the Christians worked. Though Queenie had been a Christian for several years , she still looked to others to provide the ‘proper’ explanation of the good news of Jesus.

Over time, Queenie grew in confidence and ability. The foreigners left and Queenie’s life began to speak for itself. Contrary to the expectations of her community composed mostly of Muslims, Queenie continued her acts of service. It was obvious that no one was paying her, or forcing her, to make this choice to continue to serve.

When her friend’s mother died, Queenie helped her with practical needs and helped them know more about Jesus.

Will you pray for the Philippines?

  • Pray for new followers of Jesus to continue to have confidence in sharing their faith in Christ
  • Pray for a ripple effect from each person sharing their faith in Christ, leading to a multiplication of communities of faith.


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The Task Unfinished

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