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We joined OMF willing to do whatever was needed to contribute to the mission of reaching South East Asia’s millions. In our journey for the last 26 years, we have embraced many different ministries. As part of this journey (including when we were here as short-term workers), we have experienced numerous critical incidents or stressful events; Death of family members and fellow OMFers, various military coup attempts, typhoons, earthquakes, robberies and attempted robberies, even being shot at. These traumatic experiences have not deterred my wife and I from continuing this journey. In fact, these experiences, in tandem with graduate level training, have significantly equipped us for the ministry of supporting other missionaries, both expat and local, in their task of reaching South East Asia’s millions.

The current stage of our journey is to provide counselling and mental health services to OMF colleagues in the Philippines. We consider this a privilege. In God’s sovereignty, the traumatic events we’ve experienced have uniquely equipped us to understand the stresses cross-cultural workers face.

Did you know?

In 2010 there were 373 recorded natural disasters worldwide. 22 in China, 16 in India and 14 in the Philippines. It is not surprising to see China and India topping the list, considering their geographical size and population. The number of annual disasters affecting the Philippines, however, is by comparison, disproportionate.

Source: Center for Research of the Epidemiology of Disasters (CRED) quoted in Asian Geographic NO. 79 Issue 2/2011 p.11

Will you pray for the Philippines?

  • Resilience and protection from crisis fatigue, for those who serve cross-culturally.
  • A willingness by cross-cultural workers to be used where the needs are, even when it changes their original assignment.


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