Group on mission trip in Cambodia

It continues to challenge me as a Serve Asia Alumni and Serve Asia Coordinator, and each one of our Serve Asia Workers whom are asked to reflect during orientation and onwards as they journey down the road. Indeed it is not the doing but being, not the work but the walk, not accomplishment but authenticity, not the readiness but rootedness, not performance but pilgrimage.

I think about what Edmund Chan of the Covenant Evangelical Free Church in Singapore, shared during the 2013 Global Discipleship Congress on mandate and mission. He sums up the fundamentals; We are His workmanship and masterpieces, created to do His every good work. God has intended to equip and disciple His children to partner up with Him and to bring the nations into the white hot enjoyment of His glory.

I believe short term is an imperative puzzle piece that plugs into this bigger picture and movement of God’s redemptive plan. We see transformation of the lives of short termers who came back, more focused and intentional in growing in one’s faith, more desiring in walking in God’s will and praying actively with renewed eyes and perspectives.

Not everyone is called to do mission at the frontline but one can’t be a worshipful Christian and not want their life to count or contribute to the meeting of the greatest need of nations to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. John Piper once said “worship is the fuel of missions” and we see our Serve Asia workers return and being stretched, touched and transformed in eternal ways that together fuel the ongoing contribution to the global Kingdom of God.

Janice Chen, Hong Kong Serve Asia Coordinator


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