January 26, 2015–(from the Pearl Family Garden)

She came to our Christmas party because someone had given her an invitation card. I thought she was mute because she didn’t speak, only nodding or shaking her head when I handed out the food.
When Huang Jie called to follow up on new contacts, she asked about applying for low-income status (social welfare).
We met her on our weekly visit to the tea shops. I told her it was unlikely that she would get any help because she’s only in her 50s and has a daughter.
We invited her to attend the Thursday meetings but she said in Taiwanese, “If there’s no practical help, I don’t want to waste my time.” In other words, no money, no talk.
Her life story. “I had 7 men. 2 husbands, 5 years each. 1 man 10 years, another man 20 years, another man 7 years …” I thought, “Wow, she’s the Samaritan woman!”
Her worldview. “Everyone has her own destiny. Some women make $30,000 a month but I struggle to earn $3000.” I said, “But Jesus can change your destiny.”
I asked if she knew how to operate a sewing machine. “Don’t ask me to work. I sleep from 4am to 4 pm everyday.”
I felt sorry for her. The fortune teller predicted that she’ll die at the age of 56 so she’s just marking time. Please pray for Ms Ye, she’s one of many dead women walking in Wanhua.


–Jennifer McIntyre

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