English outreach at university

In recent years a university education has become a difficult but attainable dream for those living in remote Vietnamese villages. For the few who are accepted into university, they dream of finding a good job that will pay enough money to change the lifestyle of their entire family. Some of these students study English which sometimes means that they have foreign Christian teachers. To improve their language ability, many of these students go to English centres and some attend English clubs.

Tam was one such student. One semester he participated in an English club in the hope of improving his English. The English club held an outreach event and Tam decided that he wanted to follow Jesus. He comes from a rural Nung community in Vietnam and is the first Christian in his family. He might even be the first Christian in his entire district!

Tam’s new life is really just beginning and there is a long way to go. Because of his faith in Jesus, there is likely to be family and community pressure and hardships to come. He continues with his studies at an urban university, and though he uses Vietnamese for his education and is part of a Vietnamese church, it is his Nung language and culture that remains in his heart. He was delighted recently to be able to help another Nung Christian begin putting a few Bible stories into their Nung language. This has really encouraged his faith.

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray that Tam, and all new Christians, will remain steadfast in their faith in Jesus.
  • Pray that God would use Tam to further his kingdom. Pray for his entire family to come to know Jesus.
  • Pray that a church would be established in his home village and that there would be a growing Nung witness in that area.


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