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“I thought the women in my church just couldn’t grasp the Bible.”

A pastor with 15 years of teaching experience was talking about the impact of a new way of communicating the Bible. He had attended a training course to learn how to use storytelling to engage more deeply with God’s truth. This pastor had found it really hard to learn this new way of teaching, but when he applied the approach in his rural house church he was surprised by the results. He had assumed the women in the church were not understanding his teaching because they just lacked the ability to grasp its meaning, but after he used storytelling the Bible came alive to the women and they were challenged and changed.

Many Christian workers in Vietnam are developing new ways of Bible storytelling to use in evangelism, discipling and leadership training. There are many other oral and visual methods for communicating the whole biblical story of salvation, including dance, arts, poetry, traditional music and dramas. These approaches often connect more effectively with cultures that engage more deeply with messages communicated through oral and visual means.

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray for those who are using oral methods to evangelise and disciple believers, pray that greater use could be made of these approaches.
  • Pray for the development of oral format story Bibles for all the languages of the peoples of Vietnam, especially for those with few or no Christians.
  • Pray for oral Bible schools to equip lay leaders and for the development of curricula in more established Bible colleges to train pastors in oral methodologies.
  • Pray for creativity to develop oral methods which help the different peoples of Vietnam engage meaningfully with the gospel.


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