Young children in Vietnamese village

Thai and his friends gathered together one evening to pray for the Tho people. Though truly urban Vietnamese, Thai and his friends are burdened to pray for the many rural minority peoples of Vietnam. They have a regular prayer meeting, each time learning about a different people group and crying out in prayer that each would come to know the living God. That evening they asked for God to open new ways of reaching the Tho people. Thai was moved to tears as he realised that so few of these people have even heard the name of Jesus, let alone have any understanding that he died for each of them.

The Tho are a small minority group of just over 80,000 people living in rural villages in the province of Nghe An, in the mountainous northern part of central Vietnam. They are one of the most unreached groups in the country with just a handful of known believers. While many people groups have a distinctive language and culture which create barriers to sharing the gospel effectively, the Tho are actually very close to the Vietnamese both linguistically and culturally. Vietnamese believers are already beginning to connect with Tho people, pray that this work would flourish.

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray for Vietnamese Christians with a heart to reach minority groups, pray that they would have a passion for prayer and the faith to see God work among these peoples.
  • Pray for the small numbers of Tho believers, that they would grow in their knowledge and love of Christ.
  • Pray for Vietnamese Christians ready to make sacrifices to live in areas where Tho people live, with the intention of reaching them for Christ.


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