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“My father’s side of the family follows Confucianism. I like it and follow some of the teachings, but not all of them. My mother’s family is Buddhist. Again, I like to follow some of Buddhism, but not all of it. Now I’m learning about Christianity … I’m feeling confused and disturbed. Is it okay to follow Christ and Buddha?!”

A Vietnamese person seeking the truth can find it puzzling to understand the message that Jesus Christ is the one true God. They may have heard his name from Catholic friends, who they believe to worship Mary, or they may never have heard of him at all. Since Buddhism allows a range of beliefs, it easily incorporates Vietnamese beliefs about the spirit world. So a Vietnamese person drawn to Christ may not grasp the idea of committing to one god.

So it’s important for the gospel to penetrate Vietnamese society and culture in ways that communicate that the message is more than an individual preference, but as God’s plan for the whole universe in Christ.

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray for Vietnamese Christians to present the gospel in ways that ensure that there is understanding of the scope of the gospel and the call to obedience and commitment.
  • Pray for the gospel to be bringing transformation, not just in the lives of believers, but through the witness of church communities as they serve the one true God.
  • Pray for the Church to teach boldly about obedience and the cost of being a disciple, but avoiding legalism and balancing the message with the grace of God.


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