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Vui’s family was poor, so they moved to Ho Chi Minh City to find a better life. They struggled to scrape enough money together to pay for Vui’s university education, and all their efforts paid off. After graduation, Vui started her own business and it grew and grew. She travels internationally and earns ample to support her entire family.

The economy in Vietnam grows by eight percent every year. Over the past decade manufacturing and agricultural export has boomed. In 2007 Vietnam joined the World Trade Organisation. In the countryside, illiterate parents are sending their children to school and young adults in the cities are earning salaries 10 times that of their parents.

Vui works around 15 hours a day, seven days a week. Though she regularly sends money to her family, she rarely has time to see them or nurture any other relationships.

Chau is the daughter of wealthy parents in the big city. She is talented, lively and ambitious and has a large group of friends. Sh’s got a mobile phone and a laptop computer. She’s studying international business at a top university and speaks English well. She is sure to get a top job with a foreign company after graduation. Chau’s family is Buddhist, but it doesn’t seem to mean that much to her – she’s too busy having fun and fulfilling her dreams. What more does Chau need?

How will God reach and equip this new generation wiht their widened perspectives and searching questions?

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray against growing materialism that is shaping Vietnamese culture.
  • Pray that church leaders will respond to the needs of younger generation in an effective way.
  • Ask God to heal deep hurts that are ruling and destroying lives, even in prosperous big cities. Pray that people will look to Jesus instead of economic betterment for healing.


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