A tobacco field beneath the misty mountains in Cao Bang, Vietnam.

Vietnam is the Lord’s and everything in it (Ps 24:1), from its human and animal inhabitants to its vegetation, both natural and cultivated (rice, coffee, fruit).

Its land, from sea-level deltas to mountainous highlands, its natural resources (minerals, gas, oil and timber) and its water and air … All belong to the LORD!

The nation boasts fertile soil and climates suitable for agriculture, as well as a long coastline providing unlimited access to all kinds of seafood and other ocean resources. And yet, ecological destruction threatens its God-blessed abundance.

Rapid urbanisation and industrial development have led to severe pollution of air and water. Deforestation by farmers growing cash crops has led to erosion problems, rising sea levels are poisoning arable land in the low lying Red River and Mekong River Deltas, and overfishing is depleting the balance of the coastal waters. These are some of the more pressing issues in Vietnam due to unsustainable practices that are common all over the world, practices that deteriorate God’s good creation.

In Vietnam, as in other developing nations with a high population density, the issues are made more complex by the needs of society and the economy. Driven by the desire to “catch up” with the developed world, Vietnam sees itself (and somewhat understandably so) as lacking the resources to address these problems and believes that doing so would slow down their economic development. Pray that this mindset will not prevail!

Will you pray for Vietnam?

  • Pray that environmental researchers will have the boldness to speak out and the wisdom to make good recommendations.
  • Pray that policy makers will have a vision for an ecologically sustainable Vietnam.
  • Pray that the Vietnamese Church will grow with a biblically sound understanding of creation-care, and engage in it as one of its missional tasks.


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