2016-yamamoto-san-baptism-33-of-70A few months ago on a Sunday, we baptised our (former) neighbour. It’s somewhat unbelievable for us because he only lived in the house opposite us for six months, but that was long enough to make a connection. At first he helped us with Japanese language but that soon became Bible discussion, then he joined in with church family life and now baptism. God prepared him, just as Acts 17 suggests: “[God] marked out their appointed times in history . . . so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him” (vs 26-27 NIV).

2016-yamamoto-san-baptism-25-of-70Our understanding or explanations have been anything but clear due to our language barrier. But God was gracious and through Scripture, books, and others, the Lord opened a door for the gospel in our neighbour’s heart. Praise God for his mercy!

2016-yamamoto-san-baptism-39-of-70There are many challenges ahead for our new brother. You could pray that the Lord will give him: joy in Christ, sacrificial loyalty as he carries his cross, and provision for some particular practical needs.


Written by Matt.

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