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24 January 2017

Mission Round Table—Vol.11 No.3 Sep–Dec 2016

The New Missionary Force: Mission from the Majority World

From the Editor:

This issue of Mission Round Table takes up some papers from OMF’s April 2016 Mission Research Consultation on “The Future of Mission” to examine several aspects of how the Majority World has impacted mission.
In the first article, Eldon Porter highlights some major issues that need to be addressed as mission agencies and churches interact on a global scale. The following two articles zoom in on mission to and from China. Things the Chinese Christians have experienced will benefit the church in other countries as they move out in mission to their own people or cross-culturally. An interview with Patrick Fung records his reflections on some of the ideas shared during the OMF Mission Research Consultation in April 2016. The final article steps back in history to introduce the Bethel Bands, one of the significant indigenous evangelistic movements in China in the first half of the twentieth century that has encouraged many Chinese Christians today to consider their part in reaching out to others with the gospel of Christ.

Download PDF (2.4MB): Mission from the Majority World


  • Editorial – Walter McConnell
  • Partnering with the Majority World in the Global Paradigm – Eldon Porter
  • The Challenge and Opportunity of Urban Ministry in China – H. P.
  • Indigenous Mission Movements in China – Steve Z.
  • Partnership with the Global Church: Implications for the Global East – An Interview with Patrick Fung
  • With Bethel in Manchuria – Leslie T. Lyall