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16 January 2017

Mission Round Table—Vol.11 No.2 May–Aug 2016

Journeys with Jesus

From the editor:

At the very end of his Gospel, Luke records the story of a man named Cleopas who was traveling with a friend on the road leading to Emmaus. In the midst of their conversation, Jesus came up and joined them and asked them what they were talking about. An unexpected encounter during a seemingly ordinary journey warmed their hearts and changed their lives forever. This is what happens whenever people come to recognize Jesus as Savior and Lord. While they began their journey without Jesus, from this point on they travel with him.
This issue of Mission Round Table centers on journeying with Jesus, a theme that will be examined from a number of different perspectives. The first article emerges from the OMF Mission Research Consultation 2016 that was held in Singapore during the last week of April to address the issue of “The Future of Mission.” It comes as a promise that more papers from the consultation will appear in future issues.

Download PDF (2MB): Journeys with Jesus


  • Editorial – Walter McConnell
  • CIM/OMF and the Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement – Walter McConnell
  • Guiding Light from the Cloud – Neel Roberts
  • Keeping Spiritually Fit on the Missionary Journey – An Interview with David Burke
  • From Light Through Darkness into Hope – Angie Chang
  • “Jesus, Crowned with Glory and Honour” – George W. Gibb
  • The Glass Footpath of Faith – J. E
  • Journeying Together: A Review of The Pilgrim’s Progress – James Steer
  • Book Recommendations