“Some people may think that parents who send their kids to boarding schools are mean and simply want to get their children out of the way. I did not feel this way because the people at my school made me feel like I belonged, as I was cared for and loved.  Most importantly, I knew that my parents would always love me as they had shown in the past and I trusted that their decision of sending me here would be a good one.

I think I was encouraged, inspired and challenged by all the people who make my school such an amazing place. Most of the staff at school are Christians, and I was
able to see and feel it quite clearly through their actions and the way they lived. My dorm parents, when I first joined in Year 8, are two of the most loving and selfless people I have met. During my time with them, I felt that they were always trying to make things better for us and they were always there available to us, help us with our troubles or problems, or simply just there to have a nice chat or laugh with. One of the things I really enjoyed was their cooking. When it was exam time, and we were all studying in our rooms, they frequently brought us cakes, cookies, drinks and other treats. . .  I found this to be quite amazing.

I was also very blessed to be paired with a buddy in my first year who helped me tremendously with the school routine and rules. He was very patient and good-natured and is one of my best friends now. Many other friends have helped me along the way by encouraging me in my faith through sharing Bible verses and being accountability buddies – talking, laughing and having fun with me. I was also inspired by my teachers. I can see that many of them truly care for us. Even though we are often not well behaved or do not do what they ask, they still teach and guide us to the best of their abilities.

I am very grateful to all the Bible study opportunities that the school has offered, enabling me to grow in my knowledge of the Bible and of God. The Bible shows me a good way to live and gives me hope that I can be in a relationship with a God who is there for me, who loves me and gave everything for me.”   By J

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