Why do the people keep coming even though this church building in northern Tohoku looks more like a construction zone?

Is it because the children can freely play? Is it because there are no expectations for “proper” behavior, freeing people to relax and be friendly? Are they excited to see progress and to be part of providing a place where people can find hope and peace?

We don’t know, and we intend to push on to finishing; but we rejoice that people are coming.

Work on a church building takes time, resources and effort to complete. The same can be said for the spiritual work of building a church. Hirosaki Nozomi Church buildings are a work in progress, but we can be reminded by them that the church on earth is a work in progress looking forward to completion by the Master Builder on his return.

Written by Martin and John.

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray that church planters and Christians in church plants will not grow discouraged by the slow progress, but press on to complete the work that was begun.
  • Pray that God would add continuously to his church in Japan, especially in small towns and rural areas.


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