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21 September 2016

OMF Missionary Kids

Have you ever thought of praying for the children who have accompanied their Mum and Dads to this harvest field, or have been born here? Dotted along the 1,000 km trip I got to see 11 of these missionary children and to hear about many more. In fact, in the not too distant future there could be as many as 24 young OMF kids in the Tohoku region, and we hope for even more!

Some of our children find themselves as the only ones from a Christian home in the kindergartens and schools they attend. As missionary children who will also return to their passports cultures, they also need to keep up with mother tongue studies. That too can be a challenge for kids and parents alike!

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Pray for missionary children as they integrate into Japanese culture and society.
  • Pray for missionary parents as they guide their children through the challenges they face.
  • Pray for encouragement along the way.


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