Kathy was born in the USA but moved to China when she was three.  Her parents serve as Christian professionals with an organization that ‘seeks to be a part of China’s economic and spiritual development by shining the light of Christ through the utilization of professional skills.’ Kathy tells us about her Chinese school:

‘Hi, my name is Kathy, and I have lived in China for eight years.  Presently, I am enrolled in a local Chinese junior high school, where I attend school half-day.  The rest of the time I am homeschooled.

Although the school is not a good one, I have been able to meet different children in need of support such as Shi Ping An (施平安), my classmate.  After the first time I heard his name, I became extremely interested in him.  I have not known anyone to have the name “Peace”.  When I asked him about his name, he said his family was Christian.  Several months later, when my sister visited one of the Home of Love apartments, she found out that Ping An lived at a different Home of Love apartment in a foster-type family setting. Local School

One of the shortest in the class, Ping An is often unable to stand up for himself.  He is often forced to go to the school store and buy junk food for other older and stronger boys.  Because of his personality, he is often pressured by other classmates, during class time, to laugh at others.  He also eats junk food in every class, which affects his studies.

Please pray for him that he would be able to motivate himself to learn.  Also, please pray that he will have the strength and courage to stand up against bullies.’

TCKs like Kathy can be salt and light in their schools and communities.

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