Starting as Serve Asia workers, Simon and Angeline Porter are now the field directors (FD) of the Cambodia field. Angeline came in 2002 for six weeks to explore missions, six months later she came back for 2.5 years to do church work. Simon came for two months in 2004/2005, inspired by Alice Compain and convinced God had called him to long term missions. After meeting in Cambodia, they got married in 2007 and came back in 2008 for language study and church work up-country.

Last year, when the field was in the process of searching for a new FD, God took away obstacles concerning the lack of experience, the right abilities and a measure of self-doubt. Seeing and valuing the work of the team, they considered being part of leading this team a real privilege! It was reassuring that they didn’t need to be like former directors and see their experience in working with different nationalities and themselves being international, British and Chinese Australian, as an advantage.
Although they are still learning and getting to know the team and their ministries, and don’t always have the answers, they are really committed to this role! As FD you can give input into situations and get feedback, “recognizing the connection of what we do in an office and what people do in their work with the Khmer, that fuels us.”

Some big challenges are adjusting to a new city and finding the right balance between this very busy role and family life with their young boys Reuben and Gabriel. There is also a tension between releasing people into ministry and the different support
roles that need to be filled. Please pray for them as they always need wisdom in prioritizing the main things and protecting their spiritual lives. They want to be dependent on God and keep listening to Him and people on the field. Pray that the team will give them the encouragement and support they need.

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