“It was all quiet in the guest home lounge and I looked forward to discussing Mark and Peter’s educational progress with their mom. She was enjoying the demands of home schooling two very different sons but was looking for a sounding board for her curriculum ideas for the new school year.

Elsewhere in the building, her older son was enjoying a practical science activity with 7 ‘classmates’ and her younger one was enjoying some musical fun with his small class of 5 to 7 year-olds.
A teacher instructs young children in the rules of a game. Hope International School, Phnom Penh

Science, music, art, games, worship together, and choosing clubs are just some of the cooperative activities offered at a ‘home school week.’ TCKs have a precious time of learning together to supplement the more individual studies covered at home, and parents, too, enjoy gathering resources, sharing ideas, and having a little time to themselves away from the daily pressure of being both teacher and parent. Teachers who can come for as little as two weeks bring their creative skills to encourage teamwork. Teachers, parents, and children all take something new away.”
Home school week Coordinator

  • Praise God for gifted teachers who are willing to use their skills to help TCKs broaden their learning experiences. Pray for more teachers to be willing to serve in this way.

  • Pray that home school weeks would be a time of equipping and encouragement for TCKs and their parents.

  • Pray that friendships forged during home school weeks would enable TCKs to develop a sense of belonging to a wider community and to the Lord.

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