Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.
—Matthew 18:5

The Orientation Course is a four week long program that new missionaries attend away from their sending country. As a part of this course, KidZone is geared to help prepare their kids adjust to the different cultures that they will encounter.

Ellis boys playing in fountains with local children“I loved helping with the school age children’s orientation (KidZone). There was lots of active learning. It was great to see kids from different nationalities learning to get along. Listening to the parents’ testimonies was a highlight. The families have now moved on and children are settling in to their new countries in Asia. I plan to get the Smith’s prayer letter now they are in East Asia.”
KidZone short-term worker

“We knew Jakob was in safe hands. During this month in KidZone, he started to build little sentences in German and seems to understand a bit of English, too. KidZone gave him a lot of stability and comfort and he learned that Mama and Papa are always coming back after ‘their work’, that is orientation lectures. It was good for me as a mother to learn to let our baby go for a while, too. I feel much more ready for language study now.” Mother of two KidZone children

Pray for:

  •  Short term workers and volunteers to serve children in the KidZone program. Pray that they may develop a loving, secure atmosphere for the children.
  • Cultural sensitivity and creativity for those who plan orientation programs so that the programs will help children make positive transitions to new countries.
  • Children and teens moving overseas for the first time. Pray that they will be open to new relationships and the plans God has for them.

Come and join as a KidZone worker in Singapore for a month

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