I arrived in a place called Trece Matieres in the Philippines, a relocation site for thousands who had been moved from a rail-side slum in Manila. I was exhausted from the early morning journey and I fell asleep when I arrived. I was there to help with a medical mission as part of my two-month stay in Manila. When I woke up the medical clinic was in full swing. The place was in chaos. Everyone was too busy to give me a task and I felt completely useless. I had no medical skills to offer and no language with which to communicate. I just wanted to go home.

But I soon noticed that there were many children sitting around with nothing to do. With the few words I knew, I began to play some games with the children. They ended up loving the games so much that we played into the evening after everyone else had gone home. I realised after that day that everyone has something to offer, and all of our contributions are equally important. I believe that God valued me on that day just as much as he valued the doctors. We all showed love to the people of Trece Matieres with the skills and abilities that God had gifted us with. We should never be afraid that our abilities aren’t good enough, because everyone has so much to offer if they put their trust in God and show love to others.

Laura- Short Term Worker


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