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3 December 2015

Tuning Into the Story – Shan Radio Ministry

The story of one Thai Christian’s journey with Radio evangelism that led to a Shan man to know Christ.

Muu Ling, a Shan man, wanted to find “the teaching that wouldn’t lead to death.” He searched for it in the religion of his country, but his search left him empty. He considered suicide. Then, one day, he accidentally knocked his radio to the floor. The radio turned to a Shan Christian radio broadcast. He found the answers he had been seeking. Muu Ling removed the idols from his home and allowed Jesus Christ to give him new life.

God is using radio ministry to reach the 6 million Shan (or Shan Tai) people of Myanmar, Thailand and Southwest China. Watch the video to see the full story of God’s amazing work through this ministry.

You can learn more about the Shan (also known and the Tai or Dai) people here:

The OMF project code is: Shan Radio Project, L88110

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