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27 November 2015

Mission Round Table—Vol.10 No.3 September 2015

Christ Meets Culture

From the editor:

The last issue of Mission Round Table addressed the issue of identity — who am I in my relationship with others and with Jesus Christ. Shaped by many forces, our identity is substantially moulded by the culture(s) in which we were raised and where we live and work. This is true whether we are monocultural or have been significantly impacted by the majority or minority cultures around us. And though it is not accurate to think of missionaries solely as cross-cultural workers since the missio dei reaches to people from within and without our cultures, we are cultural workers, sharing the message of Jesus Christ so that it can be understood by people of culture, no matter where they are found.


Download PDF (1.9MB): Christ Meets Culture


  • Editorial – Walter McConnell
  • The Sound of One Hand Clapping? Scriptural Perspectives on Faith Engaging with Culture – Paul Woods
  • How I lived Among You: A Theology of Incarnational Ministry – T. E. and the OMF International Daniel Team
  • Incarnation and Transformation – T. E. and the OMF International Daniel Team
  • Three Models of Culture – Susan Chapman
  • Reconsidering H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture – Walter McConnell
  • Perceptions of Christ in Manobo Culture – Brian Powell
  • When Beauty Isn’t – Ruth Page
  • CIM and Adapting to Chinese Culture – Walter McConnell
  • On Becoming Chinese to the Chinese – James Hudson Taylor
  • Wearing of the Chinese Dress Shall No Longer be Obligatory – D. E. Hoste
  • Book Recommendations

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