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9 October 2015

Thailand – Gospel Contrasts Infographic


Thailand is an open country but the majority of the people are unengaged because there is no personal outreach in the communities where they live.

Thailand is a land of contrasts and this is also true regarding Christianity.

  • In Chiang Mai the ratio of Christians to non-Christians is 1/20
  • In Lopburi province the ratio is 1/1,50
  • 44 million people live in sub-districts without a church – 67% of the population!

If gospel messengers will go to these unengaged people, we will see more churches started, more saved by Christ, more lives and communities transformed. – Mark Leighton, OMF Thailand Team Leader

Trends in Thailand

  • The Church has been doubling every 12 years…
  • But the number of OMF workers is very slowly shrinking even though the openness to the gospel has never been greater in Thailand!


  • Our only limitation is lack of gospel messengers.
  • Pray for us to effectively establish reproducing churches and Christians.
  • Pray that we would be able to establish disciple making chains that mobilize the new belivers in gospel sharing and mobilising others.
  • Pray for effective mobilization so we can use all the opportunities that we have.

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