RS6217_vn08_0025-scrDuring a missions trip to the central highlands, I met a 20-year-old man who had fallen in love with a girl who spurned him, and as a result, he committed suicide. He was dead. None of his family were Christians, and they were desperate. They knew of a Christian in the area and called him, pleading for his help.

The Christian mobilised other local believers. The circle of believers prayed for him, and he was brought back to life. As a result of this miracle, his whole family became Christians and they are very faithful. The impact of this miracle was felt beyond the family, as others also came to faith.

When I last met him, he said he wanted to study at Bible school in Ho Chi Minh City. He worships God through playing guitar in the Sunday service of his church.

A lot of miracles tend to happen in the remote areas of the central highlands when Christians pray. They have an uncomplicated faith in God, it’s innocent and like the faith of a child.

– By Anh, a 21-year-old Christian living in Hanoi


  • Please pray for the Christians in the central highlands, that they can continue to be a witness to the people around them.

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