RS6297_vn08_0105-scrOng Troi, the “Honorable Mr. Heavens,” is the creator of the heavens and the earth. The highest authority who knows right from wrong, he is the judge who will influence daily life, rewarding the good and punishing the bad. Buddha and other deities and spirits may exist, but Ong Troi is the highest-ranking and most fundamental. At least that is the way Vietnamese folklore tells the story. Duc Chua Troi, the “Honorable Lord of Heavens,” is how Protestants in Vietnam refer to God.

Using the idea of the Ong Troi that all Vietnamese are familiar with, they explain the truth about Duc Chua Troi from the Bible. Phu’s grandmother had always feared Ong Troi. She always tried to do good and please him. After Phu became a Christian, she shared with her grandmother the truth about the creator, Duc Chua Troi, and how she could be free from trying to please Ong Troi. Phu’s grandmother soon became a Christian, too. Many older Vietnamese instinctively cry out to Ong Troi whenever they are in trouble, but the younger generation is searching for what brings satisfaction and meaning in life. Materialism is growing, and many are seeking direction for their lives.

For many Vietnamese women, family is their idol. Generally the Vietnamese “live on their affections,” being strongly influenced by the good or bad state of their friendships and relationships. Relationship break down can leave them broken and searching. How can Duc Chua Troi, who is also the God of relationships, meet their needs?

Ong Troi is a recurring link in the stories of Vietnamese people believing in the true living God. Pray for Christians who share truth.
• Pray for foreign Christians to have deep insights into the Vietnamese culture to bring the message of salvation.
• Praise God that he has left stories in the Vietnamese culture that can point many to his truth.

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