WitchdrscrAlthough she was a Christian, at 25 Hoa married a Buddhist. Like most Vietnamese, she moved into her in-laws’ house immediately after the wedding. From the first day, Hoa’s in-laws made life unpleasant for her and her husband. They hated Hoa for being a Christian and tried to force her to worship the family’s ancestors.
After seven years, Hoa and her husband were able to buy a place of their own. But Hoa’s new life wasn’t any easier. Her husband and children kept getting sick and Hoa would have a terrible headache whenever she was at home. What was wrong?

Hoa’s mother-in-law had asked a spirit-doctor to put a curse on her. Hoa’s neighbour was a spirit-doctor and offered to curse Hoa’s mother-in-law in return. But Hoa knew what she must do – she declined the offer, saying her God would protect her and she prayed. Shortly after this, her mother-in-law’s spirit-doctor died very suddenly and immediately Hoa and her family felt better.

Spiritual warfare is often more apparent in Vietnam than in the West. Pray for believers to take up the ‘shield of faith’ every day.
Pray for those who may be the only believers in their family, that they would be strengthened to endure difficult family circumstances.

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