The tsunami that struck Japan in March 2011 took almost 16,000 lives. Governments around the world sent aid and OMF International played a part in the relief work by creating the Iwate Relief Project as a means to provide support.

As of May 2014, OMF International’s official role ended, but the assistance given through the project continues.

Through the Iwate Relief Project, OMF International and Hokuei Church have built a drop-in community centre called Ippo Ippo Yamada, distributed tracts, given out thousands of bags of rice and other food and household necessities and put hundreds of volunteers to work.

The Japanese are rebuilding, but complete physical recovery could take decades. Emotionally, some may never fully heal, but a hope deeper than building foundations is stirring.

“Opportunities to sow the seeds of the gospel have been unprecedented in my 30 years of working in Japan,” says Mike McGinty, former project manager for the Iwate Relief Project, ‘and we trust in due time this will reap a harvest.”

Prayer is a coveted resource as wounds heal and gospel seeds are planted.

Hokuei Church has set up Ippo Ippo Iwate to receive funds and administer the project. OMF Japan, while separate, is still able to channel funds to this ministry through the Iwate Relief Project.

You can find out about supporting the project (in the US) here or by contacting your local OMF centre.

Will you pray for Japan?

  • Ask the Lord of the harvest to build his Church in the Iwate Prefecture.


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