Toul Sang Kei was one of the most dangerous villages in Phnom Penh. A few missionaries and Khmer believers got into the village to teach the children and often chased out by the villagers with knives and sticks. prostitutes would grab them by their arms on the streets so they have to cycle very fast, and have witnessed bloodshed almost everyday as it was a hub of drug dealers, thieves and all kinds of criminals.

They never gave up and planted a church called “Jesus Village Church.” The authorities demanded them to change the name. Through perseverance in prayer, loving people, relationship building, and their lives witness, over 10 years have passed Jesus Village Church continues to reach out to the community and beyond. If you asked people around they would answer , “I live at Jesus Village,” and it has become a landmark of the village.

The Khmer pastor added that it’s now the safest place in town. Out of 14, 073 villages in Cambodia, 12, 197 villages have no church yet. We long to see Jesus village churches in Cambodia. Do you want to be a part of this kingdom endeavor?

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