Mongolia has experienced great changes and upheavals through the years, from the rise of the great Mongol Empire of the 13th Century to the fall of Communism in the early 90’s. Since OMF entered the country twenty years ago, we have witnessed great growth in the gospel and the Mongolian Church. However, OMF’s vision to reach Mongolians with the gospel extends beyond physical borders to the millions of Mongolians living in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China and other countries.

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Music: Morin Khuur (Bator), ‘Revival’ by Kevin Macleod
Filmed by SeetoPhotography in association with OMF International and JCS International

Nomads: The Next Frontier

This short film offers a glimpse into the lives of two nomadic herding families in Mongolia. It shows some of the challenges of the nomadic lifestyle, especially in the winter when temperatures can fall below -50 degrees Celsius. Around one third of the population in Mongolia are herders and it remains a significant mission field [...]

An Off Road Vision Trip: Mongolia

This mini-documentary tells the story of the 14-day, 5000km, off-road journey around Mongolia that the filming team undertook to produce the video series. The objective was to visit some of the churches and ministry programs around the country and to experience first-hand the hardships that Mongolians face in everyday life but in the end, it [...]

Soul of the Steppe: Mongolia

This short film focuses on the lives of the many homeless people who live in underground tunnels and sewers to survive the severe winters in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. A local ministry - ‘Soul of the Steppe’ - is dedicated to helping some of these men turn their lives around, bringing them together to build houses in [...]

Artis Altai: A Mongolian Arts Project

This mini-documentary focuses on ‘Artis Altai’, a missional business in western Mongolia set up to help victims of recent winter disasters known as ‘dzud’. The business produces arts and crafts for sale around the world, providing income and hands-on training in the setting up and running of small businesses. But relationships are at the heart [...]

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